Booking Procedures

After communicating with Balloons Extraordinaire whether verbally by phone or in person or via email/contact form. The information given by customer or authorized representative will be used to create an invoice. Once the invoice is reviewed and ALL information is confirmed, a payment/deposit of 50% {unless discussed otherwise with Management}must be made to secure the date and time of the event, Seven (7) business days before event date all remaining balances must be paid in full.

If a customer discusses with management and it is agreed upon about making final payment on day of event, final payments MUST be paid before services start or Balloons Extraordinaire reserves the right MOT to start any work whether it is decorations, balloon twisting or bouquet delivery or any other service Balloons Extraordinaire was hired to provide.


Making a payment to Balloons Extraordinaire can be done with cash, checks or credit/debit cards. All remaining balances are due seven (7) business days prior to event date. Any payment made to Balloons Extraordinaire are NON refundable. Credit is given up to a year of original payment date.

Cash - Only U.S currency is accepted

Checks - All checks sent by mail MUST be sent by certified mail with a signature request.  For final payments: all checks must be received five (5) business days prior to event date.

Credit/Debit Cards - Card payments can be made in person or over the phone. 


Cancellations made prior to event and percentages of credit given 

One week (6-7 days) prior - 100% credit up to a year 

4-5 days prior - 80% credit up to a year

2-3 days prior - 50% credit up to a year

24 hours or less - 25% credit up to a year

Supply return

When creating certain decorations such as Columns, Arches or Walls structural poles and bases are used to construct decorations.  These supplies usually fit in most car trunks. Customers have 48 hours after their event to return the supplies back to us.

If supplies are not returned a $65.00 fee will be charged  If the return process is to much, we can return at the end of the event and breakdown all balloon decor and retrieve our supplies. This is called the breakdown fee:>see below.

Breakdown fee

For removal, disposal  of balloons at end of event,  pick of any supplies that need to be returned back to Balloons Extraordinaire. This fee is normally $100 but may fluctuate due to distance of event.

delivery fees

All deliveries outside the Boston area are applicable to a $3 per mile rate from Balloons Extraordinaire location. Deliveries within Boston area will be charged a flat rate .l.